Earlier this year the photo review/critique site photoSIG underwent some major changes. When version 2 of the site was rolled out there were a number of sustantial changes made to how photoSIG operated. This was not without controversy, and to simply say there was some discussion about the changes would be to greatly understate the … Read more

Days Between

Days Between was one of the last and also one of the strongest tunes composed by Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia. Hunter’s words reflect the more than 30 years worth of experiences shared by the extended Grateful Dead family. Jerry, of course, delivered the song with all the depth and emotion of one who had … Read more

Good Advice

According to Fox News: Law enforcement, airline personnel and airport security officials were warned on Tuesday to pay close attention to electronic items being carried aboard airplanes, with the explanation that Al Qaeda had been working on new methods of concealing weapons. Frank’s IMAO site, in consideration of this new threat, makes the following observation: … Read more

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Here’s a nice little diversion to start the week. In a series of images evocative of the classic Powers of 10 exhibit, this richly illustrated sequence demonstrates once again that things are not always what they seem. Also available as a book and as a Quicktime clip.

All the Pages Now Validates!

In yet another example of a busman’s holiday(weekend?) I spent most of the past couple of days working on this site in an effort to make the site validate per W3C standards. Here’s a quick overview of why web standards are important. The current index page and the monthly archives for the past couple of … Read more

DataBase Migration Successful!

If you are reading this, then it means that the migration of my blog’s content from one mysql database to another was successful. The reasons for doing the migration were at least two-fold: I wanted to see if I could repeat my earlier experience of exporting and importing my movabletype mysql database. I also wanted … Read more