South of Lone Pine

The last day of our trip found us taking it pretty easy. We drove south a ways to see the Cottonwood charcoal kilns (charcoal was used in the smelters, which were used to process ore), spent some time mineral and fossil collecting near the shore of Owens Lake and finished up the day with one … Read more

Titus Canyon

After visiting Rhyolite we headed over to Titus Canyon Road, a steep, rugged, beautiful and fun to drive road. Unless it’s rained recently, the road should be entirely safe, even for passenger vehicles (of which we saw quite a few; the road was actually somewhat busy given it’s location and condition.) This map places Titus … Read more

Visions of the Past: Rhyolite, Nevada

Continuing coverage of Mike and Sheryl’s November Desert trip. 24 November 2003 After spending a restful night in Stovepipe Wells, we took off for another day of exploring the northern Death Valley area. Our first stop was at the ghost town of Rhyolite, located in extreme western Nevada. Founded in the early 1900s, the town, … Read more

Minor Site Updates

I spent most of yesterday tweaking the site; twas the first in-depth technical work I’ve done since my recent illness! Among the minor updates was an improvement in the layout of the site navigation. One major thing I did was to fix up my reverse order travel pages, the ones from Kansas in July and … Read more

Tove’s Sirapskakor (Syrup Cookies)

Swedish syrupcookies/sirapskakor that are a little sweet and chewy. Tove sent me the recipe after enjoying our Peanut Butter Cookie recipe. The sirapskakor are very good; thanks Tove! 50-60 cookies, depending on how cut Oven heat: 175 degrees Celsius, on the lowest place (350 degrees F) 200 g butter or margarin (2 sticks, 1/2 lb) … Read more


” I have great faith in optimism as a philosophy, if only because it offers us the opportunity of self-fulfilling prophecy.” -Sir Arthur C Clarke

A Day of Firsts

handwritten yesterday; posted today Read my first newspaper since Nov. 25th. Ate first real food since breakfast on Thanksgiving. (green curry chicken from Krungthai; heavenly!) First day of my temperature not rising above 100 since Thanksgiving. First day of using the computer since the 25th. After enduring the worst illness of my life (yeah, I’m … Read more

On a Cold November Morning

Now seems a good time to set down my personal memories from the events of 40 years ago when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas. I was 6 years old and attending first grade at Lindsborg grade school. Two particular memories stick out for me, and to some degree allow me insight … Read more