New Site Features

I’ve been working on the site today with the following results: one nice feature has been added, and there are a few minor changes to the site navigation. Most notably in that regard, I’ve moved the RSS link from close to the bottom of the left nav up into the main Links area. (The RSS link isn’t useful unless you have an RSS client.)

In the ongoing quest to provide random, dynamic content, I’ve added a new photo section to the right nav. Featuring one of my favorite sites, each time the page is reloaded, a random thumbnail from the California Coastline site is displayed. The image is also an active link; click on it and you will see a much larger version of the image. This feature is a treat to view each time I load the page; it was also a an interesting exercise to bend some PHP to do what I wanted.

I’ve made the main random image a link to the site hosting the images, but at this point it’s not feasible to link to the images in context. Hmm, something else to work on. If you’re really curious about where an image comes from, do a right-mouse click and get the image properties, which will include the full path. You can work backward from there to find the rest of the related images. (And yes, that can and probably will be automated some day.)