Avada Notes

There’s a long story to be told about the recent migration to a new theme by this site. Until then, a quick note about the latest challenge that I ran into just as I was ready to quit last night (this morning). I had just added a contact page, and thought it looked good. I … Read more

New Domains Available

More of the new batch of top-level domains became available for sale to the general public today. Of specific interest to me was the .photos domain. Of course, mikes.photos and mybest.photos and similar were all taken. However, I did pick up the one I wanted. It had been over 120$ during the pre-sale, but dropped … Read more

Cleaning the Cobwebs

News from Smoky Valley Photography! I’ve set things up so that select posts from my blog, All the Pages, are published on Smoky Valley Photography. To do that I created a new category, Smugmug, and specified the RSS feed for that category as the source for the SVP blog. Smoky Valley Photography Blog Kudos to … Read more

10 Years of All the Pages

Today marks the 10th anniversary of All the Pages Are My Days. Wow! What a long strange trip it’s been, as they say. And speaking of 10 year anniversaries, I recently noticed a large number of meaningful life events that seem to happen on the 5 year boundaries of my life. Now this isn’t scientific … Read more

La Jolla, Pelicans and More

I moved this site from WordPress to Drupal back in early 2010. ┬áThis weekend, in what turned out to be the proverbial busman’s holiday, I migrated the site back to wordpress. ┬áThe reasons why, and the details of how remain for a separate post. To inaugurate the new site, here’s an entry with some photos … Read more

Battle Creek Winter

Battle Creek, near the spillway at McPherson County State Lake (Maxwell). This post debuts a new feature on this site. On select posts, you can now click on the image and see a larger version, all without leaving the page you’re viewing! This feature is commonly known as a lightbox, and is implemented using the … Read more

Drupal: Email Notification of New Comments

In other tech news, I’m posting this article both for future reference and in hopes it may help others who face a similar situation: by default, there is no notification when new comments are submitted to a Drupal site. In order to receive an email notification whenever new comments are posted to your Drupal site, … Read more