10 Years of All the Pages

Today marks the 10th anniversary of All the Pages Are My Days.

Wow! What a long strange trip it’s been, as they say.

And speaking of 10 year anniversaries, I recently noticed a large number of meaningful life events that seem to happen on the 5 year boundaries of my life. Now this isn’t scientific or meaningful, but it is kind of fun. Also, I looked back the past few years, and did the “what happened 5/10/15, etc years back” and there just didn’t seem to be as many big events compared to this year and its 5 year intervals.

So without further ado, the big events in my life, in 5 year intervals:

1957 Sheryl was born.

1962 I moved to Kirksville, Missouri after living for almost 3 years in Spain due to my dad’s Air Force deployment. I attended kindergarten in Spain.

1972 The Grateful Dead performed what was arguably their best tour during April and May, playing throughout Europe. Later in the year they released a 3 record album named Europe ’72.

1972 I ran away from home; it was my first visit to Albuquerque and in retrospect my first road trip.

1977 I hitchhiked to California and then up to Gold Beach, Oregon. I spent some very high quality time with my cousins and aunt and uncle while in California. The ride up the coast was the determining factor in my decision to move to California the following year. I had simply never seen anything quite like the Marin/Sonoma/Mendocino coast before and wanted to be closer!

1977 Sheryl and I were separated for a few months beginning in late 1977. (In fairness, it was my fault/choice.) We seemed to have survived the incident having now been happily married for over 38 years.

1982 Sheryl fell from a ladder (it was old and collapsed) and totally wrecked her knee (the miniscus was torn as well as two different ligaments.)

1982 Attended our first concert at the lovely and beautiful Frost Amphitheater. Due to Sheryl’s recovering knee she was able to gain early access and we had great seats!

1987 We got Kona,

1987 We bought our Toyota Tercel.

1987 As part of an extended tour of Grateful Dead concerts we attended the Harmonic Convergence (I call it the harmonica convention) in Colorado. Met a fellow “nethead” from DEC at the festivities.

1987 Lisa became a teenager.

1987 My very good friend Milton died unexpectedly.

1992 Lisa HS graduation 20 yrs

1997 Moneka was born.

2002 This blog, All the Pages Are My Days was established.

2002 Both of our moms died.

2002 We bought our Toyota Highlander.

2007 Moneka’s 1st (and only so far) trip to Hawaii.