Spring Rides

I went on a good bike ride today, beginning with a tough slog into a fairly strong south wind. My route? The Meadowlark Trail. I knew my reward for reaching the end would a wind powered return trip. The day was nice, pleasant temps, and everything is just starting to turn green. Of course, as … Read more

Daniel and family

Thinking of Daniel

I spent the day remembering the past and thinking of the future. It’s a work of love to go through thousands of photos to find just the right ones. You see so many other other people that are also gone. I knew it would be a labor of love and actually couldn’t even start the … Read more

Coronado Clouds

Glorious Skies for Daniel

Some of us met up at Coronado Heights for an informal celebration of our brother, father, uncle and friend, Daniel. The Kansas skies cooperated with a very nice show, ranging from rain, lightning, magnificent clouds and a nice sunset. Tears were shed, smiles were shared and laughter was heard. It was as Daniel would have … Read more

Three From the Road

My heart is heavy as I mourn the loss of of my (big!) little brother. We’re almost home, and yesterday drove without stopping for pictures. I did manage to grab a few a couple of days ago. Coastal mountains half-way between Willits and Ft. Bragg. :: Somewhere in the middle of the state. :: Donner … Read more

The Road to Mendocino

Our day began a little differently than originally planned. I had to make an urgent call for help to Triple Ace Auto Glass in Redwood City. The day before we found a large crack in our windshield, and wanted to get it repaired before driving any distance. Triple Ace came through, working with our insurance … Read more

Anniversary Day Near Monterey

We spent our 40th wedding anniversary as we spent many others in the past, by spending a day in the Monterey Bay area. We began with a lunch of Dungeness crab salad at Phil’s in Moss Landing and later in the day drove 17 Mile Drive down to Carmel. Beautiful day, beautiful weather and best … Read more

New Domains Available

More of the new batch of top-level domains became available for sale to the general public today. Of specific interest to me was the .photos domain. Of course, mikes.photos and mybest.photos and similar were all taken. However, I did pick up the one I wanted. It had been over 120$ during the pre-sale, but dropped … Read more

Smoky Valley Photography

It could be called MurphyZ Law. You know, the one where good things happen, just because. I had a four day weekend coming up when I read on Murphyz blog that some new top level domains (TLDs) had been released, including one of personal interest, dot-photography. A quick investigation revealed that none of my regular … Read more

Halloween 1983

I just remembered where we were 30 years ago! We were watching the Grateful Dead at the Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, a small (2000 seat) hall. It was a “stealth” show. Tickets were only announced via word-of-mouth, and available only via mail order. We got our order in on time and there we were! Anticipation … Read more

Sunflower Trio

Today would have been my mother-in-law Laurina’s 96th birthday. She loved sunflowers so we took some up to her grave and I’m posting these shots in her honor. ::