Thinking of Daniel

I spent the day remembering the past and thinking of the future.

It’s a work of love to go through thousands of photos to find just the right ones. You see so many other other people that are also gone. I knew it would be a labor of love and actually couldn’t even start the project for the first few days; still in denial I guess.

And Sheryl pointed out I included one image that was Tony, not Daniel. Whoops 🙂

And I also gave in to a couple of hours of browsing motorcycles. 3 of us 4 brothers ride; well, now 2. So you can see where that goes.

If I actually take the full weekend of training, including Friday evening, and enjoy the 12 hours of on-bike training, well, then, that could be very rewarding. If not, at least I tried.

Daniel and Family
Daniel with his daughters and grandchildren on Thanksgiving 2013

Here are links to a video collage and a still photo slide show I created to honor Daniel’s life.