Kona was a member of our family for 15 years. He was a delightful yorkie, and we have many fond memories of the time he was with us. He passed away over a year ago, and the time has come for us to bring home a new puppy. Our good luck is that the Yorkshire … Read more

5 April 1974

Mike Rodriquez and Sheryl Cipra were joined in marriage; one that continues happily to this day. Too busy celebrating to post more, but wanted to note such a significant date.

Such a Long Long Time to be Gone

and a short time to be there. (Box of Rain) In honor and memory of Laurina Cipra, who passed away one year ago today. She still lives on in the hearts of her family, who miss her deeply, and her many friends she made in over 80 years of gracing this world with her presence. … Read more

Hey, I Resemble That Remark

The Atlantic Online has published an insightful article on the topic of introversion. Among other points, the article tries to dispel one myth: that introverts are, by definition, shy. Introverts suffer less from shyness than from simply not needing as much human interaction as other people, and especially not as much as extroverts. Speaking of … Read more

My Mom

66 years young is too young to die. Yet, that’s what happened to my mother, Pat. After fighting cancer for 2 years she passed away on December 9th. Though we lived half a country apart (mom in kansas, and us in california), circumstances worked out such that my wife and I were able to spend … Read more