My Mom

66 years young is too young to die. Yet, that’s what happened to my mother, Pat. After fighting cancer for 2 years she passed away on December 9th.

Though we lived half a country apart (mom in kansas, and us in california), circumstances worked out such that my wife and I were able to spend 5 of her last 7 weeks of life with her, in Kansas. During our first trip, still in denial that the cancer had progressed as far as it had, she decided that it was time to put some content up on her personal web site. I’ll keep that site up for at least a few months in her honor.

If there was any good that came of this, it’s the fact that I’ve started growing closer to my siblings. All but one of them live in Kansas, and over the past 25 years we have drifted apart to some degree. The hours we spent together, first on the phone and then in person, have provided a strong foundation for the renewal of our relationships, and that’s a good thing.

Rest in peace Mom.

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  1. Dear Mike and family
    Just a note to express thanks for the info on your dear mom. It brings great joy knowing that she spent the last few weeks of her life with you and family at her side. After her recent encounter with a man named Andrew she expressed how it cost her her family. Well when that went sour her greatest joy was to be reunited with those dearest to her. She was a great lady and you sound proud of her, as I was also. I will miss her very much, after a busy day at work she would faithfully send greetings through email to encourage me.

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