Gettin’ Better

All the time. Well I know that blood pressure control starts with diet and exercise. I’ve been exercising, to the tune of 2400+ miles ridden on my bike in the past 12 months! Plus, we’ve always eaten reasonably well, not too much in the way of fast foods or fried foods. We did eat more … Read more

Mike’s 365

I’m almost 6 weeks into a  what is planned to be a year long photography project and it seems like a good time to share. As a photographic, creative and self-discipline challenge I’m taking a photo a day and posting it on a Tumblr blog called Mike’s 365. Now, I’ve done something similar in the … Read more

10 Years of All the Pages

Today marks the 10th anniversary of All the Pages Are My Days. Wow! What a long strange trip it’s been, as they say. And speaking of 10 year anniversaries, I recently noticed a large number of meaningful life events that seem to happen on the 5 year boundaries of my life. Now this isn’t scientific … Read more

Two Souls in Communion

Perhaps it’s due to our own anniversary coming up in a couple of months*, but I was struck by this article that related the story of an elderly couple who had been married over 70 years and who died within hours of each other: 70 years together, only hours apart It brought to mind the … Read more

Failure of the Shoe/Cleat/Pedal Interface

It all began when my Mirracycle came loose and fell off in the middle of the street. I was going to come to a stop, dismount, and walk back to pick it up. Things didn’t quite turn out as planned. When the clipless bike shoe, shown below, :: is separated from its cleat, that is … Read more

14 for Moneka

In recognition of our granddaughter Moneka’s 14th birthday, I posted a set of 14 photos from her life on Flickr:  14 for Moneka. Here’s my 5 favorite shots of those 14: One year old! :: Four, sassy & spunky years old. :: Eight years old, getting a head start on the whole vampire thing? :: … Read more

A Picture Today: Moneka on a Horse

I admire my friend J5uliana for posting a picture a day.  I did that once, for over a year, and it's hard!  She did motivate me to at least post a picture today.  Below is a photo of Moneka from about 9 years ago.  It needs no further explanation (click to see larger version.)

Dad’s Grandma

Dad was very close to his grandmother.  Not surprising since she raised him for most of his life.  I met her once, back in 1963, and found these photos over the weekend.   I scanned the images below from the original slides.  I'm sure we saw these as kids, but they've probably been packed away … Read more

Built to Last

In June of 1995 we took our first trip to Maui. Here's a pleasant reminder of those happy days.  Also, in keeping with the spirit of the day, recall that Jerry loved to go scuba diving in Hawaii.  Here's a link to a photo of Garcia up close and personal with an octopus: Jerry & … Read more

Such a Long Long Time to Be Gone

and a short time to be there.   It's hard to believe it's been 15 years already.  And with this anniversary coming so soon after dad's death the memories are especially heartfelt. God you played guitar so sweetly.  You could hold entire stadiums in the palm of your hand, lifting them up and propelling them … Read more