Spring Cleanup

Over the weekend I updated my installation of movabletype to the latest release, 2.63. It went without a hitch, and all seems to be working well. Once I was working on the site I turned my attention to cleaning up my templates. My main template was in reasonable shape, but my individual, monthly and category … Read more

Random Quotes & Images

I’ve been displaying a random image at the top of this page for some time now. The image is changed each time the page is reloaded. Inititially this was implemented using client-side javascript, which had 2 problems. The first was that folks who had javascript turned off didn’t see the images. The second was that … Read more

Bloggin’ in the City

Here’s a cool blend of the real and virtual worlds. nyc bloggers is a web site that maps NYC bloggers to their nearest subway line.

Packet Sniffing Yields Images

Hah! As if there weren’t already too many things I want to do and don’t have time for. Here’s another interesting hack: packetsniff your ethernet, and reassemble the packets that are part of an image into the image file. See how it was done at a recent conference: http://www.oreillynet.com/1414.html