Back on Track

We’ve hopefully got the signing/closing date issues resolved, and are scheduled to sign on Friday and close on Monday. It turned out it was just one of those things that can happen when doing a long-distance real-estate transaction. There were multiple parties involved and differing interpretations of effective dates. Anyway, we’ll find out Monday.

We’ve made lots of progress on other fronts. We had a very laborious Labor Day weekend, both packing and cleaning; I emptied one of the 2 rooms that are mostly my responsibility and made major progress on the other. As a result we’ve filled a 20 cubic yard dumpster with things we aren’t moving back!

We had been planning on renting a 24-26 foot truck and towing our car behind it. To a large degree this was based on control/timing issues. We wanted to arrive at the same time as our belongings. Our other reasonable option was to rent space on a semi-trailer, do the loading and unloading ourselves, and let them do the driving. We’ve decided to go that route even though is a day or 3 of uncertainty as to when the shipment will arrive. Well, after losing a week’s time due to the paperwork snafu, we’re more comfortable with the variable timing that comes with letting someone else do the driving. Plus, I don’t have to drive a large truck with another car being towed behind!

With the change in how we’re transporting our household comes a change in the timing of our arrival. At this point it appears out goods will arrive on Monday the 27th, or perhaps on the 28th. We’ll leave mid-afternoon the 24th and arrive sometime between Sunday and Tuesday, depending on both the arrival date of the truck and how much sight-seeing we do along the way.

ABF trailer