Kansas Geocaching: Horsethief’s Head

We had a fine weekend, first working a bit on the yard and garden and then going out geocaching on both Saturday and Sunday afternoons. I like gardening, but it’s probably more interesting to share our geocaching experiences; plus, we have photos!

We had a very successful outing, finding 5 of 5 caches as we meandered in a kind of figure-8 loop north and north-east of Kanopolis Lake! I’d like to post a bit about each of the sites, but rather than wait till I have time to write up a full report, I’ll start off by mentioning the first site we found.

Known as Horsethief’s Head, (due to it being near the head of Horsethief Canyon at Kanopolis), our first stop was a non-descript sandstone rock outcropping that we had never noticed despite passing by the location many times over the years. A short hike revealed a place of quiet beauty, and a unique perspective on the very upper end of Horse Thief Canyon.

Horsethiefs head Horsethiefs head

As is becoming the drill around here, there’s a couple of small pictures posted in the entry, and the images are linked back to more geocaching pictures at Flickr. Flickr also allows viewing of the images at a size that best suits your needs.

(This is posted in the Lindsborg section as it relates to our lives in Lindsborg. Though Little Sweden USA is focused on Lindsborg, I’ll probably post most personal experiences here.)