More on Gorbachev’s Visit

From what I’ve heard, Mikhail Gorbachev really enjoyed his visit to Lindsborg last week. I have to smile when I consider the fact that he apparently drove his security folks crazy by insisting on walking around Lindsborg and through the Bethany college campus. The picture of him in the local paper, dressed in blue jeans and talking with Misha Korenman, (Lindsborg’s connection to Russia), is simply priceless.

Also, after his evening appearance at Presser hall, the former leader of the Soviet Union indicated some liquid libations were in order after such a long day. He was told they would take care of him right there at the Rosberg House B&B where he was staying, but he insisted: “I want to go where the people go”. And so, security forces quickly blocked off Main Street as Gorbachev walked the block and a half down to the Lindsborg institution known as the Ol Stuga. While there he enjoyed a couple of (Swedish, this is Lindsborg after all) vodkas with cranberry juice. He also shook hand with pretty much every patron, posed for numerous pictures and generally made a quite favorable impression; most importantly, he seemed to really enjoy himself.

It was an honor and a pleasure to welcome Mr. Gorbachev into the heart of our country, and I believe that Gorby, as someone who grew up in a rural, agricultural area, really connected with central Kansas. As he told his daughter Irina, his visit to Lindsborg was the highlight of his 12 day journey to the US.

Das vadanya, Mikhail Gorbachev!