Give Me Liberty

Here’s the deal: if I, as a woman, choose, for whatever reason, to have an abortion, that’s my right, and no one is going to stop me.

This nonsense about spousal notifications that Alito espouses is just that: nonsense. Now, I may lose my husband if I abort without his knowledge. I may be cast out of the church and may lose my standing in the community, but those consequences are mine to bear as the result of a decision that was mine, and mine alone to make. I absolutely do not need big-daddy government interfering in my life; I could live in Iran or Iraq if I wanted to cede control over my body to the government.

Make no mistake about it, Alito intends to overturn Roe v. Wade. No matter one’s personal opinions about abortion, it’s a matter of individual choice that should not be subject to governmental second guessing. (I, like many, many folks, both oppose abortion in general, and yet would never try and stop someone from exercising their free choice.)

Yeah, the Alito hearings started today; freedom and liberty watch with concern.