Six Months of Luminosity

Wow! It seems like just yesterday, armed with my new Canon Rebel XT and a couple of nice lenses, that I started the photoblog known as luminosity. And yet, here we are. That’s 183 photos, some from my archives, but many posted within days, if not hours, of having been taken. And though lacking the longer narrative that accompanies image and travel postings on this blog, luminosity still serves as a marker of the events of the past 6 months, both around Lindsborg and also while traveling.

I really do love using an SLR camera again! The weight simply hasn’t been an issue, and the flexibility offered by such a system has completely renewed an interest in photography that first turned serious with the purchase of a Canon AE1 back in October of 1979. Anyone remember Denevi Camera? I’ve also found my understanding of some of the more technical aspects of photography has improved, this due to the almost immediate feedback possible when taking digital photographs.

Anyway, I encourage you to check out the photos on luminosity, and I’ll make sure the next post here isn’t the fourth in a row on this topic. And to that end I won’t stress out about posting to luminosity every single day like I did when I realized it was a matter of days till I had completed 6 months of uninterrupted postings! When I was super busy and on the road a couple of weeks ago I prepared a few images in advance so I could make a posting in just minutes. All because I realized I was “that close” to 6 months of uninterrupted daily postings. In closing, I hope you enjoy the photos; I sure enjoyed taking them.

Here’s a link to the photo that was featured today: luminosity’s 6 month photo entry.