MovableType 3.32

I was on quite a roll this week at work and decided that now would be a good time to upgrade the software that powers this site. I remembered that a major new version of MovableType had been released earlier this year, and when I went to download the current version I found that a couple of minor updates had occured, and so now the site is running version 3.32.

So far, all seems to be working well, though I won’t really know for sure till the site is rebuilt after publishing this entry. Fingers crossed!

Update: most everything went well, but there were some incompatibilities with a couple of my templates. I had modified them, so that’s not too surprising. I’ve restored an older version of the main template, so now this article shows up (it showed up in the category archive and its own permanent entry worked fine). The date archive is still not working; back in a bit.

2nd update: the problem was in the category archive, not the date archive. In any case, it’s fixed now.

The stylecatcher plugin is not working, but I don’t use it often, so it may have been broken before the update. Otherwise, yet another successful update for All the Pages.

Final update. Stylecatcher problem resolved by re-installing the plugin, and now the site is sporting a new look, Bamboo Dream.