Two From a Master

While confirming the accuracy of one quote, I came across another that I just had to share. Both are from that great American observer, Mark Twain. The first deals with, what else, the current situation in Washington: Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it. — Mark Twain … Read more

Four Days on the Road

Here is a sample of the photos I took during a recent journey from Lindsborg, Kansas to Palo Alto, California. If you like these, there are more photos available at my Flickr Ks2Ca set. Kinsley, Kansas, is the home of this sign marking the half-way point between San Francisco and New York City. The state … Read more

I Wanted to be Wrong

It gives me absolutely no pleasure, but it appears I was right, 4 years ago today.

Egret in Flight

I have a number of other photos that I plan to post in the near future, but this one couldn’t wait. Taken at the Palo Alto Baylands Preserve, which is a wonderful place for birdwatching. Here’s a link to some other pictures I’ve taken at the preserve.

Abuse of Power?

Ted Rall’s cartoons often raise valid points, but are also often so extreme that their message is lost in delivery. No so with today’s observation. As I have been known to ask folks who fail to see the problem with the erosion of our civil liberties, and who feel they must trust the president, because … Read more

America’s Must Do List

America used to stand for something. Does it still? Are we still the shining beacon of hope, the protector and defender of human rights around the world? I believe most Americans wish and believe this to be true. However, in recent times, our actions around the world have lead to a decline in our stature, … Read more

Better with Age

From Looney Dunes comes a nice piece illustrating that much as fine wines continue to improve with age, so it is with us. One of the interesting things I’ve learned from reading blogs written by folks my age or older is how many of us feel an internal mental age that’s often decades younger than … Read more