Library Love

One of my earliest memories of Lindsborg comes from way back in the first grade. I think my love of books, reading and learning stems from those early experiences. Once a week I would go to the library (on E. Lincoln back then) and check out as many books as allowed (2-3? I don’t recall; … Read more

Colorful Weekend

Between my cousin’s blue and gold macaw, the hit of the family reunion Sunday, and the fields of wild flowers photographed between Lindsborg and Salina on Saturday, I guess you could say we had a colorful weekend! More photos of Kansas wildflowers are available at Flickr.

A Look at Social Networking

Well, I’ve finally decided to join the 21st century, at least in one respect; I’ve decided to stick my toes in the social networking waters. I avoided the first round, including Friendster and the like, but for some reason feel it’s time. Part of it may be that I actually now know others who are … Read more

Say It’s Possible

Thanks to Jeneane, I’ve added a new voice to my list of favorite female vocalists. Terra Naomi began her career 5 years ago, playing in clubs and touring small venues around the country. In 2006 she began posting musical videos on YouTube, and attracted a strong following. As a result, she has just recently released … Read more

Midsummer’s Festival 2007

Another Midsummer’s Festival has come and gone, and from all reports this year’s event was one of the best in recent memory! Hurrah for the Lindsborg Midsummer’s Day Committee; if I do say so myself, we did a great job this year. From the excellent stylings of the Swedish rock band Tiny Toads through the … Read more

Maui Birthdays

Sheryl and I love Maui, and have been fortunate enough to visit more than once. In fact, as things worked out, we were actually in Maui, down at the Ohe’o Gulch area, on Moneka’s first birthday back in 1998 (we called to say hello from the payphone at the ranger station and celebrated her birthday … Read more

Maui Snorkeling Photos

One of our favorite activities while visiting Maui is snorkeling in the coral reefs found along Maui’s coast. And no surprise, I like trying to take pictures of the underwater beauty seen while snorkeling. I started with a disposable underwater camera, and that worked, but after a couple of years I invested in a Canon … Read more