Scenes from the Campaign Trail

I came across these photos this weekend and just felt like sharing.

I really like this one, taken moments before the debate began on Friday. The quiet confidence, the last minute deep breath and getting centered reminds me of how I approach big challenges.

quiet Obama

Here we see the next first couple, right after Friday’s debate. I know from experience that a strong marriage is a major factor in having a positive world view.

quiet Obama

first couple

These next two photos were taken during a recent Obama appearance:

Obama before the storm

Obama in the rain

Pictures from Obama’s flickr site and used with permission.

1 thought on “Scenes from the Campaign Trail”

  1. Those are great images. And you can see how real the love is between the Obama’s while when the McCain’s embrace, it is stiff and put on.

    Yesterday was an interesting day with McCain having to stand up for Obama to his supporters. Might be too little too late. HIs campaign is quite close to inciting violence. it scares me a lot. And then Palin and Troopergate.

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