Adelia’s 95th Birthday

Monday is Aunt Adelia's 95th birthday! We hosted a celebration at our house this afternoon which was well attended by family and friends. Adelia and Orville didn't have any kids, but she still had a couple of special visitors today when her brother-in-law and niece showed up.  We all had a great time. :: Late … Read more

Fractalius Wood Duck

Just for fun, here's a photo I took of a wood duck and then processed using the Photoshop plugin Fractalius. ::

Drupal: Display Creation Date in Search Results

I've been pretty happy with this site since I migrated to Drupal a year ago.  Out of the box it's not as full-featured with respect to blogging as dedicated blogging tools like WordPress or MovableType, but that's not really an issue for me.  Plus, I've added bits and pieces to the site which have made … Read more

John Rivera Rodriquez 1926-2010

My dad, father of 7, died on Tuesday. He was 84. We held the funeral service today.  Dad was retired Air Force and he was honored with a Military Funeral including Honor Guard, an honorary volley of shots, the flag ceremony and Taps.  I thought it would be tough during the playing of Taps; I … Read more

Mushroom Rock State Park (HDR)

Went to Mushroom Rock State Park yesterday; hiked around and took a few pictures which I then processed using HDR techniques. The full set is available on Flickr. Last time we were there was before Sheryl got her hip replaced, so she wasn't able to walk out to the southern mushroom rock. No problems yesterday! … Read more