Chicken Pickin’ Amps Princeton Reverb Clone

I've been thinking about getting a Fender Princeton Reverb for some time, and lately had been considering the benefits of buying a clone, primarily for the increased quality of components. When I came across a used copy of the relatively obscure Chicken Picken' amp for sale at a good price I decided now was the time. … Read more

Amazon Warning

UPDATE: On February 4th, we received a check for the full amount in dispute.  It was a bit of a pyrrhic victory considering how much time it took to get resolved, but in the end Amazon did the right thing. UPDATE: Amazon contacted me to tell me the check would be returned and that to be … Read more

The Champ is Back!

I've had this 1979 Fender Champ guitar amp for a few years, (picked it up used at Starving Musician on Meridian in San Jose).  It's a nice amp, with a real potent sound, but for the past couple of years it lie unused, waiting to be repaired. In November I had the main filter cap … Read more