Best Photos of 2013

I took just a bit over 16,000 photos in 2013! Of course, shooting hundreds of shots at a time in pursuit of stacked image processing for star trails and macro photography caused that number to increase compared to years past, but it’s still a large number of photos for me!

Also, this year I’ve been shooting 5 shot HDRs quite frequently, where before I took 3 shot HDRs, so that also contributed to the increased number of shots compared to before.

Speaking of last year, I only shot 6,000 images in 2012. Between 2008 and 2011 I shot around 7-8 thousand per year. The last time I shot over 10,000 shots in one year was 2007 (also the first year to reach that number.)

Anyway, 80 images is 1/2 of one percent of the 16,000 I shot in 2013 and it represents my first pass cut at selecting my top 25 images for the year:

Best Photos of 2013, rough cut