Baylands Park at Sunset

We spent some time relaxing at Baylands Park in Palo Alto today around sunset. Tomorrow begins a hard, intense week at work, as I combine the rigors of travel with the intensity of a new, blazing-hot project. Adding to the mix, we’re going on a two week vacation beginning next Monday. It’s fun and exciting, … Read more

Spring Flowers in Palo Alto

It’s early in the season, and it was cloudy today, but the flowers at the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden in Palo Alto are colorful enough to brighten any day! Colorful medley of fractalized flowers. :: Gorgeous mass of Dutch Irises. :: Seems I love to photograph tulips. :: Beads of water on Dutch Iris. :: … Read more

First Flower of Spring

And not a moment too soon! I saw this yesterday afternoon (after a morning snow!) and made it back with my camera today. Bethany College campus, corner of 2nd and Olson.

Just Another Kansas Sunset

I couldn’t choose just one, so here’s a set of three sunset photos from this evening. I do especially love the peach color and the luminous light of the first one.

Cool Swedish Tile

Sheryl’s been going through some of her mom’s stuff and hung up this tile in the kitchen. I absconded it with it for a bit so I could take some photos; I saw the fractalius nature of the design even while it was hanging on the wall. I know it’s Swedish, but the second fractalized … Read more

Coronado View

Continuing my renewed habit of blogging first, and updating Facebook and Twitter afterwards, here’s a shot of Lindsborg from Coronado Heights earlier this evening.