London by Night

Click on the image for more information, or view a much larger version of the image. Digging deeper, it turns out there is an entire NASA site devoted to displaying photographs of Earth, taken by astronauts. The opening page is fun, as a photo of a random location on earth is presented, and you may … Read more

Around the World with Mike Pugh chronicles the solo, one year, round-the-world journey of Mike Pugh, an optimist from Chicago, USA. As of this writing, Mike has been on the road for 143 days and is visiting Varanasi, India. He started his journey in SE Asia, and has already compiled a rich set of commentary and photos to document his … Read more

Escape to SeaEscape

We recently spent a nice long weekend at SeaEscape, near Elk on the Mendocino coast. SeaEscape is a private vacation rental, perched on a cliff directly above the Pacific ocean. The house features 3 bedrooms, 2 that are ocean facing, a large hottub, and a fully equipped (and well stocked!) kitchen, a fireplace and a … Read more

Scavenger Hunting for Grownups (aka Geocaching)

We spent the afternoon driving home from our stay near Elk (near Mendocino) by visiting a number of spots that we probably wouldn’t have known about were it not for the new outdoor activity known as geocaching. Geocaching is the sport of using your GPS receiver to try and locate cleverly hidden caches(comprised of small … Read more

Eye Candy for the Holidays

From Mena’s dollarshort site comes an excellent link to a site that has over 30 different full-screen panoramic photos (Quicktime required). Many of these rich, beautiful, inspiring images rotate up and down in addition to the expected side to side movement. Explore the paintings on the ceiling of a church, look out from high up … Read more

The California Coast from the Air

A variety of things had to come together to realize this dream, but once they did, the results are amazing! You can easily spend hours looking at these fascinating arial photos of the California coast, looking for well-known landmarks as well as your own special places. Here’s a random thumbnail from the site; it’s different … Read more

Seafoam Lodge / Buckhorn Cove

We spent Labor day weekend, padded by a day on each end, at a nice, rustic lodge located on the Mendocino coast of northern California, near Little River. The Seafoam Lodge is a warm and welcoming place, friendly to both kids and pets as evidenced by the frolicking on the expansive front lawn. Seafoam boasts … Read more

Seamless City

Here’s an interesting story about a San Francisco photographer who is photographing and assembling a 30 mile long panorama of San Francisco. Ranging from popular tourist spots to lesser known areas of the city, the tour will include photos near both bridges. seamless city – about the project