May 1, 2008

Four Color Franklin

Four Color Franklin || Canon40d/EF70-200/F4L@200 | 30s | f10 | ISO100 | tripod

Willemite, Calcite, Clinohedrite and Hardystonite from the Franklin, NJ area. We've seen the red from calcite and the green from willemite in previous photos. Today we add the orange from the clinohedrite and the purple from the hardystonite. Four color specimens from Franklin are among my favorites! Third and final for this series. April 2008

April 25, 2008

Willemite and Calcite

Willemite and Calcite || Canon40d/EF70-200/F4L@145 | 1/2s | f8 | ISO100 | tripod

Willemite and Calcite from the Franklin, NJ area. Note the calcite is a different shade of red (more towards the orange end of things) than the calcite in the barite and calcite photo. I believe that's because the rocks were mined from different levels of the Franklin/Sterling Hills mines. Second in in an occasional series. April 2008

April 20, 2008

Barite and Calcite

Barite and Calcite || Canon40d/EF70-200/F4L@200 | 2.5s | f8 | ISO100 | tripod

Barite and calcite from the Franklin, NJ area. The brightly colored spots are from fluorescent "sand." First in an occasional series. April 2008