I’m the Boss, That’s Why!

Teresa, over at Making Light, takes an extremely insightful view into the management style of our current president. What initiated her well written rant was this quote from a recent 60 Minutes show: “Bush:

Beatles: A-Z

This is a great site; sure to be enjoyed by anyone who likes the music of the Beatles. Here you will find a full discography of their work, including solo recordings. Each song entry has detailed notes covering date(s) and location(s) performed, producer and musicians, and what instrument each musician played. In addition, there are … Read more

I Wonder What’s Different This Time?

The following quote, found over at the Testify! blog, adds to the evidence that starting a war without support from other world leaders is not only wrong, but quite likely criminal. “We must make clear to the Germans that the wrong for which their fallen leaders are on trial is not that they lost the … Read more

US Constitution Under Attack!

Do you think I’m exaggerating or engaging in excessive hyperbole with respect to this topic? Well, keep reading and then see what you think. I’ve written about the US government’s planned Patriot II legislation, and despite weak denials from government officials, it’s apparent that they are just waiting for the right time to try and … Read more

IM Goes Global

I found a funny, satirical blog, nominally written by Kim Jong-il of North Korea. It’s only a few days old, so there isn’t much content yet, but the funniest bits are the transcripts of instant message chats he’s had with the shrub. Here’s one of the funniest:

A Vet’s Thoughts on Protest

Yesterday I wrote about why I believe that protesting the war is still important, and briefly explored the notion that being antiwar does not mean one doesn’t support the actual soldiers involved in the fighting. Today I came across an interesting post over at will wheaton dot net. Will shared the thoughts of a friend … Read more

Sights and Sounds of Freedom

Speaking of antiwar protests, I’m very pleased to link to local activist Lisa Rein, who has put together an excellent narrative of her experiences observing the antiwar protests in San Francisco these past few days. Along with the compelling writing and lots of photos, she’s provided some excellent videos of what she saw and heard. … Read more

Why Protesting is Still Important

I am opposed to the US use of military force in Iraq. I held this belief before the invasion started, and have not changed my mind. What has changed is that I, personally, find it difficult to engage in antiwar protests at this point; once the battle has started, and before it’s clear that we … Read more

Small Bangs

This would be bad: I remember these from when I was a kid: We all love turtles: See larger images of all the above, plus many, many more at crackerpacks, a site devoted to cataloging Asian firecracker artwork from the 50’s through the present times.

Southwest Chicken Wraps

This is a simple, quick and very tasty recipe that has sort of evolved over the years and has never been written down. I made it again last night, (it’s a family favorite), and decided to write it up and share. Southwest Chicken Wraps Ingredients: boneless chicken thighs: 5-8 thighs serve 4-6 people chopped onion: … Read more