Another Tip Published

I have another tip published at macosxhints. The tip discusses iPhoto and iView usage scenarios. What’s kind of exciting is that the tip generated a few comments and they caused me to rethink my approach to managing photos and creating slideshows. Find out how you can use both iPhoto and iView without duplicating any of … Read more

Finders, Keepers?

Update: 21Jan04 The dog has been returned to its rightful owner. This story was frontpage news 2 days in a row and the local media was flooded with letters and emails on the subject. A recent case in San Jose, CA, has me shaking my head. Seems that Niki Karanastasis’ dog Bella got away and … Read more

Logitech MX Duo

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, you can’t go wrong with the Logitech Elite model. The keyboard has a very good feel, one of the best I’ve ever used, and reminiscent of the old Omnikey I used years ago. In addition it’s got more special purpose buttons than any other keyboard I’ve … Read more

iPhoto 4 and Iview Media Pro

At first I was very disappointed that the new version of iPhoto still imports all the photos it is to manage. To iTunes, import means copy all the images to be managed to a folder you cannot specify. At first I thought “that’s completely unacceptable”. Like iTunes, I thought iPhoto should have an option that … Read more

Mac OS X Hints

I got another tip published at macosxhints! The site is an excellent resource for Mac owners, providing a wide variety of useful tips covering all manner of Mac topics. The tips are almost all submitted by readers of the site (and reviewed by the site owner before publishing), meaning there’s a high degree of hands-on … Read more

When Condiments go Bad

Another in a series of take-offs of the periodic table, this one purports to represent the nominal shelf life of a variety of condiments. The numbers seem reasonable based on my experience, but I’m in no way vouching that this chart is accurate; use your own judgement. Still, it’s an interesting approach to representing some … Read more

Posting Problem Resolved

AMK4 responded to the previous entry with some thoughts on how I might work around the fact that the weathernws plugin doesn’t work well with ecto and NetNewsWire (the blog isn’t completely and cleanly rebuilt after posting when the plugin is installed). I had been using an include template to provide the weather content. AMK4 … Read more

Posting Problem Clarified

Well, I figured out why NetNewsWire and ecto both had difficulties when posting to this blog. Turns out that when one of my plugins, the one powering the hourly weather updates, was installed, rebuilding after a post from either of these programs would fail to complete. Pings weren’t done, and in NNW’s case, no category … Read more

Ecto Update

I remembered that ecto displayed the entire response from my server (compared to NNW’s “error 500”) and so decided to post using ecto. Hopefully I can figure out something from the error message, plus the author of ecto will review it in search of the cause of the failures I’m seeing. One nice thing was … Read more