Leap Year Fractals

Fracture is a fractal screensaver for Mac OS X that creates some of the most fantastic, richly detailed fractal images I have ever seen. I don’t normally configure a screensaver; preferring instead to simply allow the energy-savings mode to kick in. Fracture creates such lovely images that I not only spent the $10 dollars to … Read more

Thunderbird Fix Posted

I had another tip published at the MacOSXhints site. After CarbonCopyCloning my internal harddisk to an external firewire drive I noticed problems with my mail client, Firebird. It would sort of start, but the menus weren’t displayed correctly and neither were messages. Also, the only way to kill the program was from a terminal window. … Read more

Mohs Surgery

This afternoon I underwent a successfull Mohs surgery for the removal of a basal cell skin cancer from my chin. The cancer was non-life threatening, and apparently basal cell skin cancers are relatively common, and very easily treated. The basic procedure is that they perform an initial round of surgery, taking perhaps 10-15 minutes, and … Read more

PHP CSS Style Switcher

Last night I decided to take another look at the idea of providing a way for visitors to this site to be able to change the color scheme. I had the “grey” look from Grey Tuesday, and a couple of other CSS files I’d created, so it was time to look for a style switcher. … Read more

You Don’t Often See This

I’m going in Thursday for a very minor operation involving a sore on my face, near my lip. That in and of itself isn’t worth noting here. However, in order to ensure complete access for the procedure, I was requested to shave beforehand. It’s been many years since I last shaved; my grandaughter saw me … Read more

Grey Tuesday

Today is Grey Tuesday.This morning I edited the site’s CSS file and turned most background elements a shade of grey as a sign of support for the right to distribute the Grey Album. It seems that EMI is trying to stifle the creativity of some musical artists and prevent their fair-use rights from being exercised … Read more

We Don’t Support That

Punters, givers and formatters. Tech support staff earn these colorful nicknames based on their approach to meeting an “average call time” goal of 12 minutes. On the other hand, if your goal is to get your computer problem resolved you may be entertained (alarmed?) by reading this Salon article (viewing of small ad required) that … Read more

A Wonderful Place to Be

I just ran across this interview with David Kemper, drummer for the Jerry Garcia Band for 10 years and later a member of Bob Dylan’s touring band. It’s an honest look back at his time with the JGB, and provides another perspective on the melodic guitar player and enigmatic man known simply as Jerry. When … Read more

eTech04 Summary

I attended the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (eTech04) in San Diego the week of February 9th. It was a fantastic, energetic and thought provoking conference, covering a wide variety of topics that I’m involved with every day. Meeting folks working on similar problems and hearing first hand how key technologies such as wikis, RSS, blogs, … Read more