St Vitus Fireworks Photo

Very striking, dramatic photo of St Vitus Cathedral, Prague. The image was taken during the celebrations that followed after the Czech Republic and 9 other nations joined the European Union. (AP Photo/CTK, Jan Trestik); thanks to the Daily Irrelevant for the link.

On Preserving Freedom

I saw a great quote over on /. and went to confirm it’s veracity before sharing. Not only did I confirm it as being authentic, I found that it was part of a whole essay on the topic. Herewith, from noted scifi author Jerry Pournelle, come these thoughts on preserving freedom. Our answer to al … Read more

New Site Features

I’ve been working on the site today with the following results: one nice feature has been added, and there are a few minor changes to the site navigation. Most notably in that regard, I’ve moved the RSS link from close to the bottom of the left nav up into the main Links area. (The RSS … Read more

Thoughts on Nightline

I was struck by a couple of things as I watched Nightline tonight. (For future reference, tonight was the show where Ted Koppel read off all the name of American soldiers who have died in Iraq. Each name was accompanied by the person’s photo.) First, I felt I could tell the National Guard soldiers from … Read more

In My Life

My life, from age 5 through 15: “The training, transportation and logistical support we are providing in Vietnam has succeeded in turning the tide against the Vietcong.” –General Barksdale Hamlett (US. Army Vice Chief of Staff), October 10, 1962 “The spearhead of aggression has been blunted in Vietnam.” –John F. Kennedy, January 14, 1963 “Victory … Read more