Jay-Z’s Dead

Spinjunkies has released a new album, Jay-Z’s Dead, which “encompasses the entire Black Album by Jay-Z set to the music of the Grateful Dead”. It is a remix, similar to the Grey Album’s blending of Jay-Z and the Beatles.

I personally find this variation more interesting and fun to listen to compared to the Grey Album. I think that’s due to a few reasons.

First, the complete versions of Jay-Z’s songs were used here, and even though I’m still not a fan of rap/hip-hop music, I got more out of the songs this way, especially the (apparently) autobiographical numbers.

Another appealing aspect of this album is the fact that the Dead are prominently mixed, whereas the Beatles were much softer in the mix (for the most part).

Finally, a lot of care has been taken to both choose appropriate snippets of Grateful Dead music and then to synch the words and music very carefully, to great musical effect.

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  1. The album “Jay Zs Dead” Has been beautifully engineered. Much care shas been taken to meld the rhythems of two of the most prominent musical masterpieces of time.


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