Jay-Z’s Dead

Spinjunkies has released a new album, Jay-Z’s Dead, which “encompasses the entire Black Album by Jay-Z set to the music of the Grateful Dead”. It is a remix, similar to the Grey Album’s blending of Jay-Z and the Beatles. I personally find this variation more interesting and fun to listen to compared to the Grey … Read more

Bumper Sticker Politics

Legal Torture; a legal memo doesn’t supersede US and international law. The Times and Iraq; a review of inaccurate and incomplete reporting by the NY Times in the period leading up to the war. 537 Votes was the difference in the Florida “election”.

Maui Sunset

We’ve been busy the past couple of days, doing something we love: driving! We’ve circumnavigated both lobes of the island of Maui, first going around the top, smaller section, and the next day spent an epic 11 hours going to Hana and then returning by driving around the back side of Haleakala. More on both … Read more