One Year Ago

We arrived in Lindsborg on a Monday morning, one year ago today. We had spent the night before in Dodge City, and eager to see our new home, we left bright and early and got to Lindsborg by mid-morning. We did some household shopping during the afternoon and had a pizza dinner with George and Chris to top off the day.

And so, here we are a year later. It was a great year! We got to do things, visit places and most importantly visit with family and friends, in ways we never could do during a 2 week vacation. We’ve reconnected with old friends, including the best man at our wedding, made new friends, and, limited only by our shyness, have been warmly welcomed here and had many opportunities to partake in all the facets of life in a small town. Lindsborg is a special little town, and we’re glad we’re here.

I wanted to post an image to commemorate our move to Lindsborg, but don’t have any real recent photos from the area. However, given our love of cruising the dirt backroads around here, I think this one will do. It was taken in July, near the Blue Bonneville geocache site, northeast of Kanopolis. The roads in this area are almost non-existent, and in a couple of spots the pucker factor is as high as the ruts are deep; no time for photos at that point!

Blue Bonneville

While browsing for the above picture I found this one, taken the same day, and never before posted or displayed. These two lizards were catching some rays, and patiently waited while I took my share of photos.


And so it goes; though we would be in denial if we didn’t admit to an occasional longing for our home of 26 years, we do continue to find satisfaction and fulfillment with our choice to move back and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

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  1. Happy belated “anniversary”! Welcome home…Lindsborg is lucky to have you back! Just read your recipe for posole…could you use some freshly harvested jalapenos? Let me know…harvested about 40 yesterday…
    Enjoy your day….Betty

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