How Long?

Everyone is different, but from what I’ve heard, the flu that’s going around locally seems to last about a week. I’m in my sixth day, so that seems about right. My fever receded a day or so ago, which is a good sign, but I still feel terrible, and given the (so far) slow rate of recovery, am not really confident I’ll be that much better tomorrow. I have no energy, am irritable and depressed, and just wish this thing would be over!

And the fun continues this week, as Sheryl seems to be coming down with something now.

And … it’s all my fault. Here’s a tip. You’re smart enough not to mention to a family member or friend, “Say, it’s quite late in the season and I haven’t been sick!” Of course you know that. It’s called tempting fate or something.

What you may not have realized is that the mere act of having the thought, of thinking to yourself, “whew, looks like maybe I made it through this season without a major illness” is enough to trigger the aforementioned illness. I remember exactly where I was, 10 days or so ago, when I had that very exact conversation with myself. And here we are.

This health update and public service brought to you in the spirit of nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

No association with Marshamellow, but I wanted to link back as a thanks for borrowing the image she created.

2 thoughts on “How Long?”

  1. Sorry to hear you have the stuff. I had it about 7 days ahead of you. It wasn’t fun.
    I logged in to see if there was any indication that you might take some eclipse pictures tonight but it sounds like you should be in bed resting instead of outside in 10 degree weather.
    Get well Soon.

  2. hey … it’s the clouds that will probably stop me; given the next eclipse isn’t until 2010, I am going to try and take photos if clouds break.

    what I probably won’t be doing is heading up to Coronado Heights … (I really wanted an image of the eclipse above the castle)

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