Midsummer’s in Lindsborg, 2008

Lindsborg celebrated Midsummer’s yesterday, and a great time was had by all. As previously reported, the format changed quite a bit for this year; the result was a pleasing mix of old and new! The new layout in the park, the booths representing various aspects of traditional Swedish village life, and of course the wonderful … Read more

Midsummer’s Day 2008 is this Weekend!

It’s hard to believe we’ve come this far since our first Midsummer’s committee meeting in January, but Lindsborg will be celebrating Midsummer’s this weekend, Saturday June 21st. You can visit our Midsummer’s Day web site for more information, and a PDF of the full-color, 8 page program is available: Midsummer’s Day Program I’ve been involved … Read more

Intense Storm Clouds

We had severe weather in the area last night, though thankfully nothing more than a little hail and high winds hit Lindsborg. To the north of us Salina and Chapman both both experienced some damage due to the storms. The clouds that preceded the storm were among the most unusual I’ve ever seen or photographed, … Read more

18 Million Cracks

As happy as I am with outcome of the Democratic primaries, it’s not without some sadness that I note that we’ve yet to elect a woman as our national leader, lagging behind many other countries in the world. In that spirit, I really liked Hillary’s line (from her concession speech): Although we weren’t able to … Read more

Significant Weather

When the local paper warns of potential severe thunderstorms on the front page (albeit below the fold), it’s worth noticing. It seems conditions today were expected to be very similar to June 8th, 1974, when more than 3 dozen tornadoes hit the southern plains. As the paper noted “the ‘significant’ designation is the fourth most … Read more

A Historic Day

There may still be one or two people (see previous post) who aren’t clear on who’s the presumptive Deomocratic presidential nominee, but as the graphic below shows, the world at large doesn’t share this confusion. We’ll save our final congratulations until August and November, but for now let’s acknowledge the historical significance of Barack Obama … Read more