What’s in 144 Browser Tabs?

I tweeted a note about how I had 144 tabs open in my browser, possibly a new high!

I then thought of the terminally bored or insatiably curious, or perhaps the merely credulous, who might be asking, “what 144 web pages have you looked at in the past 12 days?” (And it’s not all of the pages I’ve visited. Work isn’t counted and neither are all the pages I viewed and then closed the tab.)

No, these are the pages that are still open (in tabs) because I seem to think I’m going to do something with 144 open web pages. Well, I will. I’ll do a ‘bookmark all tabs’ storing the results in the 20100326 folder and then I’ll close the window and restart Firefox.

Meanwhile, here they are for your amusement.

Mike’s not quite 144 open tabs (a few that had personal info in the URL (I know, bad form, eh?) were removed). Oh, and this page doesn’t validate either.

Google Reader (1000+)

Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » Stupid Tone-Curve Tricks: A Half Dozen Develop Presets for Lightroom

High-tech copy machines a gold mine for data thieves – thestar.com

Whitechapel – FREAKANGELS Episode 0091

McPherson – Lindsborg Freecycle – OFFER: Marble Slabs 4ft long 6in wide 2in thick ()

Well-Placed Pixels

Life With Droid: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre

A 53,900% speedup: Nignx, Drupal, and Memcache bring concurrency up and page load time way down | TechnoSophos

The Story of Bottled Water

Chris Glass

A Painter's Year: Patio Furniture

Two scenes at Lindsborg, KS, 23 years apart

Tom Russell: Notes from the Borderland

YouTube – Tom Russell Guadalupe

Google Maps

laura's watercolors: march virtual paintout

Murphy was a Grunt: Semper Fi…

Google Online Security Blog: Meet skipfish, our automated web security scanner

River2: Home

Relaunching Dogcaught: What’s New!

Get the Party Started: 1941 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive

Ralphie's Ramblings: Huh? Duh? Wuh?

I and the Bird (IATB) #121

I and the Bird

The good, the bad and the ugly of earmarks – Pittsburg, KS – Morning Sun

Send in your samples to be photographed by a scanning electron microscope – Boing Boing

Facebook | Police Inspector Gadget Fan Club

The politics of yakuza: Jake Adelstein Q&A pt. 2 – Boing Boing

Apcupsd, a daemon for controlling APC UPSes

Phone Numbers, Shortcuts & Customer Service Tips – Companies Worldwide – GetHuman.com

Make a molehill out of a mountain with Tilt Shift Focus

There Were Plants and Birds, and Rocks and Things

ReefStock 2010 pictures part 1: Setting up


Best Oatmeal Recipe « Jeremy Zawodny's blog

Ksplice » Hello from a libc-free world! (Part 1) – System administration and software blog

Rework: Unveiling the cover – (37signals)

David Byrne with Santigold: "Please Don't," from "Here Lies Love" (a BB exclusive) – Boing Boing

Nelson's Weblog: tech / blosxom / blog-migration-help

Free Ebooks Catalog – mybebook.com

Gallery 28

Watercolors: Mixes

TIME GOES BY | Good OLD Rock and Roll

Strobist: Something Fun While You Do Your Brackets

The Stupid Shall Be Punished: USS Chicago CO Fired

The Future Of Iris

Acorn, the image editor for humans.

The Twenty Minute Challenge: THANK YOU KATHY!!!

Interarchy Fire Sale

Daring Fireball: An Ode to DiskWarrior, SuperDuper, and Dropbox

Slashdot Technology Story | 25 Years of the .com gTLD

On the First Days of the Journey

Things 1.3 Brings Support for Mixed Projects | Things Blog | Cultured Code

Podcast: Speech On The Skills Of Practical Innovation | Phil McKinney – Sharing his experiences on innovation, creativity and ingenuity

TwonkyMedia Fixes for HP software 3.0 Patch 2 « MS Windows Home Server

Troubleshooting TwonkyMedia – How To Fix Twonky Issues in 3.0 Patch 2 | Using Windows Home Server

Watercolors: His Royal Highness

laura's watercolors: … and again

no description, colours uploaded by ademir laurindo de m

Texas Tomatoes: 1939 | Shorpy Historic Photo Archive

Hacker News

Life According to Google. | Leigh Reyes. My Life As a Verb.


If It's Hip, It's Here: A Sweet Treat For Control Freaks. Chocri Custom Organic Exotic Chocolate Bars.

Slashdot Ask Slashdot Story | Why Are Digital Hearing Aids So Expensive?


I’ve Been Through The Desert

The Online Photographer: How Sharp Is Your Printer? How Sharp Are Your Eyes?

Using Filters To Overcome The Challenges Of The Palouse « Kevin McNeal Photography

lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts

Hoover 868: How does it work? – The Fountain Pen Network

3 Sheaffers at a antique shop – The Fountain Pen Network

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  1. Oh, wow, so many good links. Firefox grinds to a halt when I exceed 50 tabs so I’ll be back to incrementally check out your list. Thanks for posting it.

    BTW the Inkophile Favorite Inks list was updated last night to include Rohrer & Klingner Solferino and Magenta plus De Atramentis Stihlblau as well as others from Pear Tree Pens. Looking forward to a very colorful Spring. 🙂

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