Lindsborg House Update

Between work, packing and just sorting all the details related to buying a house in Lindsborg, I just haven’t had much time for posting. The last week has been very interesting, stressful, exciting and ultimately fulfilling. We started with a flood insurance quote of 3000 dollars, and ended the week with a quote of 300 … Read more

Speaking of Moving

Things are progressing well with our Lindsborg house purchase; the closing is still scheduled for the end of August. Various minor issues have arisen after the inspections, and they are being resolved; the bankers always have another doc request, but overall I’m pleased with how things are going. Of course, as this dream comes closer … Read more

Brian’s Fish World

This weekend marked the closing of one chapter of our lives as we continue preparations to move back to Lindsborg. We took down all of our fish tanks, and like they’ve been for the past 10 years, Brian’s Fish World was there for us. We’ve bought tanks, supplies and accessories from them for the entire … Read more

Bound to Cover Just a Little More Ground

After 26 years of living in the SF Bay Area, and 30 years since we first left home, we’ve made the decision to return to our hometown of Lindsborg, Kansas. This decision comes after contemplating such a move off and on for the past 6 years. To be honest, this is probably still as much … Read more