Santa Runs into the 21st Century

Letters to Santa are down, as they have been the past few years, and now most of the mail received at the North Pole, including email, is unwanted spam. The board of directors (elves) are restless and antagonistic, and worse, a modern business practices consultant has been called in to try and turn things around. … Read more

Swedish Pecan Cookies

From Mary Ann Johnson, via our Aunt Adelia (both from Lindsborg, KS) comes this excellent recipe for Swedish Pecan Cookies. A big hit when first served at a family gathering in October, it’s now been reported by relatives across the country that they are equally good when baked for the holiday season! Swedish Pecan Cookies … Read more

Eye Candy for the Holidays

From Mena’s dollarshort site comes an excellent link to a site that has over 30 different full-screen panoramic photos (Quicktime required). Many of these rich, beautiful, inspiring images rotate up and down in addition to the expected side to side movement. Explore the paintings on the ceiling of a church, look out from high up … Read more

The California Coast from the Air

A variety of things had to come together to realize this dream, but once they did, the results are amazing! You can easily spend hours looking at these fascinating arial photos of the California coast, looking for well-known landmarks as well as your own special places. Here’s a random thumbnail from the site; it’s different … Read more

Let It Be

That’s Yoko Ono’s advice to Sir Paul McCartney, who is keen to change the song writing credits on songs he primarily composed. He recently released an album of songs performed during a 2002 US concert tour, and on 20 of the 36 songs he transposed the credit line to “Paul McCartney and John Lennon” from … Read more

My Mom

66 years young is too young to die. Yet, that’s what happened to my mother, Pat. After fighting cancer for 2 years she passed away on December 9th. Though we lived half a country apart (mom in kansas, and us in california), circumstances worked out such that my wife and I were able to spend … Read more

Rubber Biscuit

Remember the Rubber Biscuit song that Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi performed in the Blues Brothers movie? Who knew that the hard to understand, seemingly nonsensical song had real lyrics!? The Chips – Rubber Biscuit written by Nathaniel Epps, Charles Johnson, Shedrick Lincoln, Samuel Strain Jr., Paul Fulton Cow cow hoo-oo cow cow wanna dib-a-doo … Read more

Sorry, I Can’t Answer That Question

According to the USA Patriot Act, librarians face criminal penalties if they inform their patrons that they are under investigation by the FBI. While this prior restraint on free speech is categorically unconstitutional, (as are many other aspects of the act), the courts have not yet recognized this fact, thus making it risky for well-meaning … Read more

Takin’ it to the (virtual) Streets

Computer game publisher Electronic Arts, creator of the fantastically popular Sims line of computer games, has recently announced a virtual, interactive, online Sims experience called, oddly enough, the Sims Online. That in and of itself isn’t newsworthy, but what makes this particular online experience unique is the treatment given to one of America’s largest corporate … Read more

Another Look at Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother

The New Times, serving San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara Counties, has an in-depth look behind the story of one of the most memorable photographs of the american depression, Migrant Mother. Taking a look below the surface, the article describes more details about the photo and the people in it than were previously publicized, … Read more