A Modern Good Samaritan

This is such a story of courage that I’m breaking my ban on reporting on the current conflict. It’s also a story that testifies to the power of just one person who takes action and does the “right thing”. It seems the rescue of Private First Class Lynch came about because Mohammed found out from … Read more

War! Huh!

For people of a certain age this song is so embedded into their consciousness that it’s almost part of the DNA of a generation. “War…huh…yeah What is it good for? Absolutley nothing” Edwin Starr, best known for the powerful anti-war song, “War” , died April 2nd, 2003, in Nottingham England.

Recent Visitors

I’ve added a new feature over on the right side of the page. As you can see, the nominal location of the last few visitors to the site is listed. While not necessarily entirely accurate (see below), it’s still kind of neat! I say nominal (or is that pro-forma?) for a couple of reasons. One … Read more

Aliens in the White House?

I read it in the National Geographic: “Others think that aliens are alive and well and living in the White House.” Oh, but wait. It was in their April Fool’s special edition, so perhaps it’s not true? In any case, the referenced article is an interesting, though incomplete, overview of a variety of notable AF … Read more

Book Blog

Bookfilter is a blog devoted to books and all things book related. It’s a rich, though text-only, site which I found while browsing over at I Will Dare. I love books and bookstores, and so far during my quick visit to the site I feel like I’m in a large, wondrous bookstore, with many alcoves … Read more