Mike and Sheryl’s Travel Journals

For the past couple of years I’ve used this site to document, via photos and words, our various travels. Sometimes I post articles in near real-time, and other times I post a set of related articles after the trip is over. In either case, once I’ve written all the entries for a given trip, I sometimes assemble them in correct chronological order (recall that blogs are posted in reverse chron order) which makes for a nice presentation of the journey.

I used to have links to these reports as part of the navigation for this blog. The recent redesign of the site indicated the chronicles of our journeys would be better served from their own index page. Not wanting to have to maintain a separate page outside the blog, I created this entry which will serve as an index to our travel postings.

I’m pleased to present Mike and Sheryl’s Trip and Travel Reports, from July 2003 through October 2008 (newest entries listed first):

Missouri Meanderings, October 2008
Photos and commentary from our trip through Missouri, along the Mississippi River and Saint Louis.

Missouri Meanderings Trip Journal

West Coast, March 2005
These photos highlight our trip to Palo Alto and San Diego in March of 2005. There are a lot of desert wildflower photos, as well as other scenic images from the trip.

March 2005 West Coast Trip Journal

Maui, June 2004
We returned to the lovely garden isle of Maui last summer; let the photos speak for themselves!

June 2004 Maui Trip Journal

Seattle, April 2004
Later in 2004, we took a road trip to Seattle to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. There are photos of Astoria, Oregon, Seattle itself, including the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier, plus many more.

April 2004 Pacific NorthWest Trip Journal

San Diego, February 2004
In March of 2004 we took our very first trip to San Diego. Images include the breath-taking Hearst Castle at San Simeon, plus the beautiful San Diego coast near La Jolla.

February 2004 San Diego Trip Journal

Eastern Sierra and Las Vegas, November, 2003
This trip was interesting in that we had a couple of days of vacation, 4 days attending a technical conference in Las Vegas, and a few more days vacation after that. Highlights include images of the natural hot springs, showing visible steam in the cool fall weather, plus a lot of good shots from around Vegas, including the Strip at night and others of the nearby desert.

November 2003 Eastern Sierra and Las Vegas Trip

Kansas, July 2003
This trip, taken about a year after I started blogging, marked the beginning of a new style of travel essay. Covering our road trip from San Jose, California to the Lindsborg, Kansas area, and back, I blogged most of this trip in close to real time, blogging nightly from our hotel while we were traveling, and from my brother’s house once we got to Kansas. Images include The Arches National Monument and other attractions in Utah, as well as the chalk bluffs in western Kansas out by Oakley.

July 2003 Kansas Trip

Before July of 2003 I created photo-essays of some of our trips. They do lack the narrative that the blog provides, but you may find the images interesting.

Mike and Sheryl’s 1998-2003 Travel Photos

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