Midsummer’s 2006: Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers

It’s always a treat to watch the Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers perform, and this year’s Midsummer’s proved to be no exception! They infuse their dancing with a spirit and vigor that is refreshing and joyful to watch. As usual, click any of the images to see the full set of Lindsborg Swedish Folk Dancers at … Read more

Midsummer’s 2006: Leikarring Dancers

At the 2006 Midsummer’s Festival in Lindsborg we were fortunate to have not one, but two visiting dance groups. I’ve already posted images of the Mora Folkdanslag, from Mora Sweden, and here’s a set of images of the Leikarring, a Scandinavian dance group representing the Norwegian Society of Texas. As usual, click any of the … Read more

(Formerly) Kanopolis Lake Update

A couple of months ago I posted a photo-report on how the drought has affected Kanopolis Lake; it’s a matter of some concern. For the previous link, right mouse click, and choose: open in new window, to compare the 2 sets of images side-by-side. I had occasion to take some more photos a few days … Read more

Midsummer’s Photo Update: Mora Folkdanslag

I’m making great progress and have almost finished processing the 930 photos I took at last weekend’s Midsummer’s celebration. I’ve cut the number of keepers down to a little under 300. That’s still high, but when one considers there were 4 different dance groups, plus other activities such as the raising of the Maypole, there … Read more

Midsummer’s in USA Today

It’s only a brief mention, but it’s still a thrill to read about our local Midsummer’s celebration in our national newspaper: USA Today mentions Midsummer’s.

Midsummer’s Swedish Fashion Review

One of the highlights of the weekend’s Midsummer’s celebration was the Swedish Fashion Review. A nice variety of costumes were modeled, including both modern costumes as well as vintage designs that included pieces of costumes brought over from Sweden by the early settlers of the Smoky Valley. One of the highlights of honoring our Swedish … Read more

Midsummer’s Day 2006

Yesterday Lindsborg celebrated the annual Swedish holiday known as Midsummer’s. For the second year in a row, I provided publicity for the event, and once again it was a wonderful, challenging and rewarding experience. You can read more about the details of Midsummer’s at Little Sweden, USA. As might be expected, I took a few … Read more

I Am A Patriot

I love my country. I served my country as a member of the US Army. I vote and I believe in the promise of America. That’s why I speak out about the areas in which we need to improve; if I didn’t care, I’d turn my back and not worry about the very serious issues … Read more

Another Learning Experience

I’ve been creating a 2 minute radio show that covers upcoming Lindsborg events for over a year now. Despite my complete lack of training and experience for this role, I think I’m doing a reasonable job. Except in the dead of winter, I can usually knock out my copy in an hour or less, and … Read more

Midsummer’s Day Coming Soon

I’m in my second year of providing the publicity for Lindsborg’s annual Midsummer’s event which is held the weekend of June 16th, with the main event all day on Saturday, June 17th. We’ve got a very special program this year, featuring many special guests, including Swedish Folk Dancers from Mora, Sweden. I’ve published full details … Read more