Lindsborg Town Talk

I’m pleased to announce my return to local radio! My new show airs on Saturday mornings at 8:20 on KVOB, 95.5FM. The show is called Lindsborg Town Talk, and attempts to be “your source for news about upcoming events and activities in Lindsborg”, in as much as that’s possible in 2 minutes, once a week.

In addition to the over the air broadcast, Lindsborg Town Talk is available as a podcast from Little Sweden, USA and the iTunes music store (search for Little Sweden).

My previous show, the Lindsborg Update, went off the air last July when it lost its sponsor; I’m pleased to once again be able to share what’s happening in Lindsborg with radio and internet listeners!

Press this listen link to hear this week’s episode, and press this read link for a text version.

2 thoughts on “Lindsborg Town Talk”

  1. Neat, neat neat!
    Well done Mike. You never cease to amaze me with the stuff you do. Should you need anything such as extra space or bandwidth or whatever, I’ll be glad to do what I can to help with that.

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