Butterscotch Telecaster

I picked up a Fender Squier Affinity Series Special Edition guitar today. It’s a beautiful butterscotch blonde color; the wood grain shows through very nicely. It’s my first telecaster and so far I’m really happy. My initial reaction is that this guitar has more clarity and presence than either my MIM strat or Gretsch 5120 … Read more

Lily Ponds, Tower Grove Park

I’d long been interested in seeing the giant water lilies in St. Louis, and on Tuesday I had my chance. The following photos were taken at the Lily Ponds at Tower Grove Park. It’s fascinating how the individual lily pads are connected to one central “root.” The flowers, the lilies in question, are simply gorgeous. … Read more

Views of the Gateway Arch

Though we’ve technically been in St. Louis once before, in reality we only passed through on our way to a concert at Chuck Berry’s during an extended weekend pass while undergoing basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood. Hard to believe that was almost 35 years ago! (I’m sure Lisa agrees; happy birthday to you!) So … Read more

Hannibal Fall Colors

On Monday we drove from Quincy over to Hannibal where we found some great examples of the colorful fall foliage we’ve been seeking on this trip. Here’s a small sample; there are more photos at flickr. ::

Sunset Over the Mississippi

Here are a few pictures of sunset over the Mississippi River. They were taken from the eastern side of the river in Quincy, Illinois. We’re making our way to St. Louis, and traveled from Independence to Quincy today, via Kirksville. The last time I was this close to the Mississippi was back in ’74 when … Read more

Fleming Park, Fall 2008

We spent the weekend visiting our friends Fulton and Phylis this weekend and on Saturday took a drive through scenic Fleming Park. It’s located in the Blue Springs area of western Missouri, just a few miles southeast of their house in Independence. There are a few more related pictures at flickr. ::

An American Conservative Speaks

I was, as my British friends might say, gobsmacked, when I heard that the son of conservative icon William F. Buckley, Christopher Buckley, endorsed and plans to vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election. Well, it’s true, I’ve always said I have no problems with honest conservatives, being one half the time myself. … Read more

Two American Icons

One thing I love about the internet is how one minute you can be looking for one thing and all of a sudden you’re off on a completely unrelated quest.

Quick Mac Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything Mac related and since I was busy over the weekend rebuilding my system, I thought I’d share what software I’m currently using. There was nothing really wrong my my old system, but the Mac’s flexibility in terms of booting from external devices makes it easy to try … Read more