Wyoming to San Jose

Here are a few photos I took last week during my drive to California. Also included is a shot from my bike ride last Sunday. I took this shot when I took a walk to stretch my legs at a Wyoming rest stop. :: The Carson City bike trail system is fairly extensive and a … Read more

London Bike Ride Report

A couple of weeks ago I went on my coolest ride to date! I had the opportunity to ride a Boris bike while visiting London, and ride it I did, for a bit over 10 miles. Here’s a link to my standard cyclemeter route map. After a bit of work to escape the busy Paddington … Read more

Keeper of the Plains at Sunset

I took a few photos of Wichita’s now iconic symbol of its past, the Keeper of the Plains statue which overlooks the Arkansas River and downtown Wichita. There are additional images on my Flickr page.

December in the Golden State

I was in California recently for a relatively rare late in the year visit to meet with my colleagues at work. Of course I was able to take some photos during the trip, starting with some aerial shots on the flight from Dallas to San Francisco. This photo show where the central valley meets up … Read more

First Organized Bike Ride

I rode in the Dickinson County Road Race today, my first time participating in an organized, complete with t-shirt and SAG support ride. Here I am all dressed up and ready to go! We left from Eisenhower Park in Abilene, Kansas right at 7am.  I didn’t count the number of riders, but would guess it … Read more

La Jolla, Pelicans and More

I moved this site from WordPress to Drupal back in early 2010.  This weekend, in what turned out to be the proverbial busman’s holiday, I migrated the site back to wordpress.  The reasons why, and the details of how remain for a separate post. To inaugurate the new site, here’s an entry with some photos … Read more

Desert Near Blythe in HDR

On our way home from a business trip last month we spent a day exploring the desert south west of Blythe, California. We were looking for geodes and other interesting rocks.  That, and indulging in our love of roads that barely qualify for the name!   The stark beauty of the desert never fails to … Read more

Spring Flowers

What says spring better than flowers? Here are some of my favorites from the Elizabeth Gamble Garden Center in Palo Alto, taken in early April 2011. A larger selection is available on my Flickr site: Spring Flowers.

Nature by the Bay

Wow! I think this has been one of my longest breaks from blogging since I began back in 2002. Like many, I am posting short thoughts and interesting links via Twitter and Facebook. But still, 6 weeks between posts!?!  … Ok, moving right along.   We recently returned from a long week road trip that took us out … Read more

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Returning from a business trip to Palo Alto (where I was joined by Sheryl in time to drive back home to Lindsborg) we stopped at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  Located in remote, desolate northwest Arizona, there is little lodging in the immediate area; we felt fortunate to the the last room at … Read more